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Here at Tint Mafia we specialize in automotive, commercial and residential window tinting.
Aside from aesthetics, our products and services provide many practical benefits to tinting your windows.
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Tint Mafia was established by the best tinters in the area to provide a product like no other tinting company. We have spent the last couple of decades mastering our craft and picking the best products to do the job. Tinting isn't just our job, it is our passion. We come to work excited to see what comes through the shop doors, and take pride in delivering a product and service that has built us a strong reputation.


Tinting is an artform that takes years of practice and experience in the industry to master. Our guys live, breathe, eat, and sleep tint. They also understand the passion our customers have for their cars. Weve been tinting for more than twenty years, and still strive every day to improve on the products and service we deliver. Our craft is constantly changing with new products, better options, and better results. The service we provide has set the standard for tinting in Virginia Beach & Hampton.


At Tint Mafia we use the best products on the market to ensure that your tint lasts and protects your car from the suns UV rays. Thats why we only use SunTek Premium tint films. We offer a variety of different SunTek films that vary in life and protection levels. Our best tint is the SunTek Ceramic film, which comes with a lifetime warranty. The biggest mistake consumers make when looking for a tint shop is not researching the best tints on the market. There are a lot of tints that bubble up after a year, turn or fade in color, and tints that don't block the suns rays well. Before you decide to use a tint company, be sure to ask what tint they use and which is best for you.


The most obvious benefit is that cars just look better when murdered out. Adding a dark accent to your vehicle can make your cars exterior pop, even if nothing else is done to the vehicle. Another huge benefit of having tinted windows is more privacy. With tinted windows, it is harder for people to see inside of your car. The great thing about tint is that it reduces visibility looking into the car, but you can still see out of the car just as well. The most noticable difference between a car that has tint and one that doesnt is the heat reduction inside the vehicle. Tinting Virginia Beach & Hampton will significantly reduce the temperature inside your car during the summer. The film does a great job of acting like sun glasses, preventing the suns rays from entering the vehicle. Tinting your car can filter out as much as 80% of the suns rays. Window tint protects your eyes and reduces glare. Over time intense sunlight can damage your vision, and can also increase the chances you will get in a car accident from not being able to see the road clearly due to glare. Tint doesn't just protect you, it also protects your car. The suns rays can actually damage your cars interior over time. Your dash could crack and the interior surfaces can fade over the years if tint is not installed. The tint on the windows can also help keep your glass from shattering. In the case of an accident, the film will hold the tiny pieces of shattered glass together to keep you protected so you’re less prone to being injured from glass shards.


Besides tint, we offer other products to protect your car and put your mind at ease. A popular product is Paint Protection Film. This is a clear film with a high gloss finish that can be installed on the bumper or hood of your car, the back of the mirrors, under the door handles, and more. With this film your paint is protected from the damages of road debris or scratching. Once installed, the film is undetectable to an unknowing eye for invisible protection. Other products we offer include vent visors, head and tail light tinting, auto accessories, and an array of other services by request.

"Tint Mafia customer service was great. The price was fair and the quality was superior. I will recommend them. Much better than the other tint places I visit."



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