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At Tint Mafia, we take pride in bringing things to the dark side. Our window tinting virginia beach specialists have years of experience installing tint and paint protection film on a wide range of vehicles. People look at tinting like a service, however at Tint Mafia we look at it like an artform.


Window tinting Virginia Beach is not just about giving your vehicle more character and style, but helping with energy savings, interior UV protection, privacy, and security.


Residential window film when used in your home reduces 66% of solar heat and blocks up to 99% of harmful UV light.


Block the blinding sun glare that kills your view, disrupts your work and makes if difficult to read your computer screen.


Hunter Douglas products are among the industry's highest rated energy efficient window fashions.

"Tint Mafia customer service was great. The price was fair and the quality was superior. I highly recommend them"


It speaks for itself

Our Artists

The Mafia Crew isnt just a group of hard workers, they are passionate, driven, and love the art of tinting. Guys that like cars, speak cars, and drive cool cars. We know cars, know how to take care of them, and know what your car means to you. The Mafia crew has been in the business for over twenty years, and continue to be more passionate about the trade every day. Our Virginia Beach team is run by Woody, Nester, and Dave. Together the Mafia crew provides a service unlike any other Tint Shop, focusing on providing the best quality tint film and installation possible. Our craft is constantly changing with new products, better options, and better results. We stay on top of our industry to set the standard for tinting in Virginia Beach.

Our Films

Suntek Films have been our most trusted, proven, and effective product line. We offer a variety of different Suntek films varying depending on the results you want out of your tint. The highest quality tint we offer is the Suntek Ceramic Tint, which comes with a lifetime warranty and is most effective at resisting the suns UV rays. There are a lot of films on the market that do not work as advertised. Tints that bubble up after a year, turn or fade in color, and tints that dont block the suns rays well have flooded our industry. We have stayed true to seeking out the best products, and are constantly upgrading to the newest films to ensure that our customers are getting a product that will last.

Why get your car tinted?

Getting your car tinted will help reduce heat in your vehicle. The main reason for this is that it will decrease the amount of the sun’s rays from passing through into your car. Also, helps reduce mileage because you wouldn’t need to use as much A/C, keeping you more comfortable and providing a longer ride. The amount of heat that tint can filter could go up to 80%. Window car tint protects your eyes and reduce glare. This results in you being able to focus on the road, which can help your driving. Having tinted window could also protect the items that are in your car. As you’ve seen when you objects outside, their color fades over time. With tinted windows and having reduced sun beams passing through your vehicle, the sun’s rays are reduced, resulting in having your objects more protected. Not only the items you have in your car, but it helps keep your seats, floors, and dashboard from fading. The tint on the windows also help keeping your glass from shattering. When your window isn’t tinted, there is no film to keep glass from shattering into a bunch of tiny pieces. With the tint film, your window is held together, so when you crash you’re more prone to being safe from glass shards. You will have more privacy with tinted windows as well. This will keep people from trying to look into your car and stay out of your personal space. Getting your windows tinted has a lot of benefits. Best of all, your car will look a lot nicer with a good tint.

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